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I have a 86 190E 16V with about 48,000 miles on it, been housed in a dry garage a lot of its life. One thing I have noticed after I have driven it more is that after it has come to temperature the idle, especially after a long run will either stay up in the 2000 range or drop slowly back to 1000. Some times it will pulse at about 1500 a few times and then wander somewhere else in the dial. I have tried to slip the clutch a few times to bring the engine down to idle, but have found that if I rev it one or two times it seems to come to a steady idle. My question is, What is going on? Could it be the sensor/switch that the accelerator linkage rest on when at idle? or Is it a problem with the computer, pump, or regulator? Any help would be greatly appreciated


Peter S. Bauman
190E 16Valve 1986
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