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Grasping At Straws - Praying for a Miracle

Thanks to RPM and others for the good advice. I may have found the reason for the gasoline odor on my, rough running, very sick C280. However, while checking the fuel system tonight, I happened to remove the front engine cowling (Cover) and noticed that the electrical connection to the Cam Magnet was broken, and that the wires/plug was just barely hanging on.

There was a coat of old, dried oil and what looked like heat discoloration around the connection area. I used electrical tape to reattach the pieces of the connector and then taped the entire plug in assembly to the fixed plug.

Ran out of time and could not put everything back together. Will have to wait til tomorrow night. BUT, can anyone tell me if this faulty connection may be at least partially responsible for the rough engine I'm experiencing? Am I going to be a happy camper tomorrow night?

Thanks for your help!
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