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Thanx for the input,

"First things First" ... Unfortunately I bougth the car without an ownermanuel. Have found one by Ebay though .. should arrive soon :-)

I´ve checked the Coolant level and it´s OK I´ll check the senor next. If the "check engine light" were subject to milage then wouldn´t it stay on constantly as soon as cerain milage is reached ? But that´s what makes it so wierd. The light comes on, goes of - somtime flickers. Yesterday on the way to work it ddn´t go on once. On the way back (same route ) it went on after 20 Min an then stayed on regardless of the RPM´s. It didnt go off till I turn of the ignition. When I restarted it stayed off. I´ve been searching and found links suggesting an error in the Emmission control system ... any ideas ?!? I must admit that the exhaust ist sounding alittle "rougher" lately.

Later ... Tim
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