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'90 300E problem areas

Here's what I have found out/done since i bought my '90 300E 3 months ago with 132,000 miles on it. This car seems to have a lot of electrical gremlins. So far, my gas gauge flickers back and forth, the trip odometer stopped working as well as the main odometer (i fixed this myself), I had to replace all of the vacuum pods (vacuum controlled servos within the dash that control the vent positions) with the exception of the floor vent one, I fixed the intermittent wiper (aged relay), both dome lights (aged relay and broken wire), and I also had to fix the SRS light (random-blinking problem...really expensive fix if not taken care of right away). I also have never been able to get the headlight wiper/washers to work (they blow the fuse when turned on and pluged in...I suspect I need new motors). I also have replaced a bunch of interior instrument lights and replaced the low washer fluid sensor. I have never done so much work in such a short period of time to a car before this Mercedes, and this car was checked out by a certified technician before I bought it and was driven by an older couple who took care of it. It is a nice car, but only buy it if you like working/tinkering on your car or else paying someone hundreds if not thousands of dollars to fix all this stuff. -- Mikey
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