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I had asked about the dimming headlight on my 89 300e, and you had told me that it was due to a melting plug housing. You were in fact right and today when i went to go check on it the middle of it was basically melted like a candle. I dont know why this is happening since the 45/65w bulbs are running are factory wattage. Its probably due to my stupid self driving 200 miles 2 weeks ago with the high beams on the whole time. But my question is, is it possible to replace the plug housing on my own without any risk of frying myself or messing up the system. It looks relatively simple and i dont want to bring it to the mercedes dealer down here since they are the ones that charged me $55 bucks for an oil change. Also, can i get the plug housings through partshop? Thanks alot and i appreciate the excellent advice you give.

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