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'86 300E - Need Help Removing Sunroof Wind Deflector

I need to replace the springs for the wind deflector and can't quite figure out how to remove it.

The manual says to carefully push it out of the duct, including the plastic hinge mounts, from both sides by means of a screwdriver. I don't see anywhere to use the screwdriver to accomplish this without forcing something.

There seems to be a wide, short vertical metal tang at the top middle of the hinge mount just inside the forward sealing edge of the opening. Does this tang have to be lifted? What can you lever against?

The inside metal lip of the S/R opening would seem to limit any rearward travel of the hinge mount assembly. Does it travel up and back at an angle?

Can anyone provide detailed instructions, or maybe even pictures?

Any advice is greatly appreciated. I don't want to make any expensive mistakes. (Oops...Snap!$$ Damn!!)

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