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R Easley
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Depending on the year of your 190E, there is a potential catastrophic failure of the reverse clutch. Repair involves the addition of a plastic piece to prevent the failure. If your car is one of the affected models *and* your tech has not apprized you of this already, this would indicate non-familiarity with service bulletins and factory material. Consequently, I would be concerned about them doing this level of job.

Depending on your mileage and the driving history of the car, it is not really *that* much more in labor to do the rebuild, considering the tranny has to be R&R'd already -- that's a decision that you would have to make.

Also, I would want to be certain that the latest B2 piston was installed in the car along with the "T" seal *and* that the piston was adjusted to the low side of spec (as recommended by MB).

Similarly, I would put the newer automatically adjusting B1 piston in the car.

If the rear seal needs replacement, make sure that the oversize seal gets put in if needed. [I would replace it on principle, anyway, since you are right around the corner from it.]

Richard Easley
Waco, Texas
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