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Wont start when temp is hot

Ok. So my 1989 260E wont start when its extremely hot outside. It will be sitting in a parking lot all day and why i try to start it in the middle of the day when its blistering hot outside, it wont even turn over. You can hear the initial "spray" sound coming from the engine, but it wont turn over, or even try to turn over. It just sits there. But when i go back when its cool outside, like later in the evening, it will start fine with no problems. Im thinking its a wiring problem and it somehow shorts when its hot out. I know this is probably useless to post this because it could be a million things, and i have no other symptoms to look at. So if anyone would take the time out to suggest some things to look at, that would be great. Thanks for tryin to solve a problem that could be a million things.....dont worry, i dont have any hope as to find the solution for whats going on. this was just a shot in the dark.
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