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Originally posted by ehmand

What have you heard about Hyatt vs LoneStar. Interested since I have some upcoming service due on my S320.
Experienced. Hyatt has made a serious goof everytime we've taken a car in for service. Mis-diagnosis and just plain missing things wrong. The 190E 2.6 had a battery drain problem, and they charged my Dad over $1000 in parts without fixing it. He took his C230 in, and they missed a ton of stuff, and charged him for things they didn't do. (filters not changed...)

If it happened only once, I could let it go. However, they have goofed many times, and I'm quite sour on them now.

Thaty said, we've bought all our cars from them, as their sales service has been superior to our family. Edmonton dealers (David Morris and Weber) just plain refuse to sell us a car. Lonestar tried hard, but Hyatt won out, and we've (my family) has bought five MB's in four years, but none of them now return for any servicing.
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