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As someone that has spent 20 years overseas (not in the military) and been through 80+ countries I can't believe that Americans, who, by any standard, have the cheapest energy costs in the world, complain about the cost of gas. Compared to the number or hours you have to work to buy a gallon of fuel or a thousand therms of natural gas, or a kilowatt of electricity, energy costs are way cheaper than they were in 1955. It is only the numbers that have changed. I remember in 1956 I was digging septic tanks with a pick and shovel in the S. Texas summer heat for $0.75 an hour. At thime I think that gas was about $0.25 a gallon. I saw it as low as $0.09 a gal. during price wars, but that doesn't count. That means that a gallon costs 1/3rd. of my hourly wage. Now I make $20. an hour and gas is $1.20. That means that instead of only getting 3 gals. per hour I can now get 16. Now, that is cheap fuel. A vacation driving around Europe will put gas prices in perspective. Not only are they 4+ time what they are here but the average working man makes about 2/3rds. of what we make here. And their taxes start at about 40%. Be happy for what you have.
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