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300D Strange Electrical Problems

I'll just kind of describe what's going on and not try to guess what it is. Hopefully those of you more experienced than I can give me a starting point to see what's going on. First, whenever I put the car into reverse with the lights on I see a slight glow in the right side blinker indicator. Second, using the right blinker it flashes normal unless I touch the brake then it starts flashing very quickly. Left does not act this way, it is normal. Third, cruise control on and pressing any climate control button will many times (not all) disengage cruise. Hitting cruise resume and all is OK, it resumes to the prior speed. Fourth and maybe not electrical, fuel guage will not go to full, goes to three quarters and as tank empties it becomes very twitchy. And finally (for this note anyway :-) where is the rear window defroster relay. I have one and want to replace it before delving much deeper in this other electrical problem.
Sort of electrical, where can one obtain the amber colored fog lamps used on the old beast, one is burnt out.
Getting an honest 29 MPG with the car, very surprised as I am not light on the pedal either. 75~80 and 90 miles a day. Love this car and will be getting a second pretty soon.
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