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Problem 300 TD Mercedes

Help. I have a 1984 300 TD Mercedes Station Wagon. It has been running great until today. On the way to work, the radio went out and then came back on, then went out again. When I turned off the engine, it would not start and I had little electric power. Later in the day (3 hours) it fired, barely, and I was able to get it home. However, on the way home I lost all power to electical things (i.e., wipers, a/c, horn, turn signals). Tonight it would not take a charge, although the lights did get brighter when the jumper cables were hooked up. It makes no noise when an attempt to start occurs and the lights simply dim.

For the last 3 days the brake, battery, and other light, as well as the refill gas light, have been on continuously. Help. Thanks for any suggestions. Chip Taylor
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