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SRS light

On older MB's the SRS light will start to blink randomly or come on for short periods of time. This is caused by worn/dirty contact rings on the back of the steering wheel. These rings make contact with like 5 or 6 metal pegs that stick of the steering shaft and make it possible to keep power to the airbag while moving the wheel. After the blinking occurs for a while, I have been told that this shorts out the SRS control computer which is like a $1000 part and therefor the SRS light will stay lit. To make sure you do not have to pay for this unneccessary fix, remove the front/bag of the steering wheel by removing the two screws on the back of the steering wheel with a torx screwdriver. then unhook the electrical connection to the airbag and remove it completely. After that, get the right sized tool/wrench/breaker bar to remove the big nut that holds the steering wheel to the shaft. Remove the wheel and look at the back. You will see a bunch of contact rings. Either replace them, or clean them with alcohol and make sure they are crystal clean (that is what I did). Also, clean and sand the pegs to ensure those are gunk free. My SRS light has never come back on (with the exception of the normal start-up check) after doing this procedure. -- Mikey
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