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What are the correct o rings for the R4 at the lower manifold and compressor.

1982 300d Turbo
3 years ago.
I changed the compressor, dryer, and expansion valve and converted to 134a. The old compressor had metal and rubber rings, but the new one called for regular looking o rings. It ran ok for a season but then blew out the o rings at the compressor manifold joint. I replaced them with more of the same type of plain orings, I have since replaced the upper manifold hose, and it has run 2 seasons with only a small loss of 134. Yesterday while parked, it blew out the orings again. I am going to replace the reciver dryer, expansion valve, and the rest of the hoses. should I use the metal seal at the manifold/compressor connection or just go back with the o rings and nylock.
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