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95 E320 Stumbling Idle

Hi all,

After reading through 7 plus pages of archives on this problem I really didn't see anything that would help me, so here it goes.

For the last few weeks my 95 E320 w/155k miles sporadically stumbles at idle, only when in reverse or drive. Engine temps. nor a/c on or off matters. When I come to a stop it will (sometimes) fall to around 500rpm for a second, then go back up around 800. It has never stalled out.

There are no codes using the built in LED or with pins 8 and 14. (I have a code reader thanks to Arthur Dalton). The cruise works perfect, gas mileage is still 21 to 24mpg around town, it goes like hell, nice and smooth. No other problems with the car.

Here's what I've tried so far:

1. Plugged the vacuum line going to the EGR - no help
2. Thoroughly cleaned the throttle linkage and lubed - no help
3. Repeatedly checked for vacuum leaks, none noticed

5k miles ago (at the 150k service I did) I replaced the plugs, coil boots, coil to plug wires, fuel filter, and every fluid in it.

Any ideas guys???

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