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Question Alignment 'n stuff

Well I finally bought a '95 C280. She's running great. I followed the advice you guys gave me, and I'm positive I've got a fine machine. I had a VMI run, and the infamous wiring harness had been replaced under warranty. Anyway, the previous owner told me that the only problem with the car was that she had to get it aligned very frequently and wasn't sure why. I wanted to know what is involved in an alignment. I've seen many posts on here about it and it seems like an involved process - what part(s) have to come off to do one? Should I have MB do it or an independent shop? Also, the car's got 85k on it - how long do shocks last? When I had a mechanic do a prepurchase inspection they said one of the front shocks could be leaking, as they found some oil dripping down. Is that expensive and what shocks should I buy - and do I have to do them in pairs?

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