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Talking OVP relay failure is suspected, bypassing help needed

After about 2 weeks of owning my W124, 1989 230E and enjoying a smooth Mercedes ride the car finally died today. In these 2 weeks it showed the following simptoms of a bad OVP:
1) The car hard to start when hot. Had to crank 2 or 3 times with intervals of 1 minute then it would start.
2) The ABS lamp came up 3 times while driving in the city and on highway.
3) When the engine is cold the car had idle problems. I had to keep the gas pedal pushed a little for about 1 minute in order to keep the engine running.
4) and finally it did not start after a short stop at my teacher's house today.

I tried 10-15 times to start it, waited 1 hour to let it get cold but still the car would crank, pick up rpm like it is starting then it continues cranking as if there is no gas in the tank. I tried to roll the car down the hill but it did not start. The gas tank is full, and the gas filters are new.
My question is, is there any way to bypass the OVP and start the car? The nearest Mercedes service shop is about 300 km away from the place I live and I need to figure out the way to start the car. I would appreciate any advice on how to deal with this issue.

1989 230E, very nice looking (pictures coming soon!)
1989 230E, 8v, 166.000 km, updated to 94/95 trunk & hood
2002 Daewoo Nexia 50.000 km
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and few more american cars.
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