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Unhappy 78 240D: To fix or not to fix, this is the question.

I bought this car about a year and a half ago and at that time the only thing it needed was a new vacumn pump. It had some rust which I was aware of, only two of the electric windows worked and the a/c compressor was working but needed some tlc. I had the oil and all the filters(fuel and air too) changed on a regular basis. About a week ago my brakes quit working and the car was not shutting off properly(vacumn pump probably) so I decided to inspect what might be the problem. The engine was fairly covered with oil and the air filter, which I had replaced about a month ago was particially soaked with motor oil . When I was inspecting the brake pads to see if they needed replacing I found what I think is a severe rust problem. Its located at the back of the right front wheel well. Starts wear the battery sits( which I can see the battery from the wheel well now) and goes all the way down to the rocker panel. Upon futher inspection I found a Bad rust spot on the floor board underneath the passenger seat which is now a hole a foot in diameter. Bottom of doors are rusted out and all the wheel wells have rust holes around the rocker panels . That undercoating is very deceiving.
The A/C compressor is froze up and none of the windows work now. These repairs alone exceed over $2000.00.
The engine is hard to start but does run and the trans still works.

I am now faced with the decision of fixing it or selling it for parts. Your opinions please?
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