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Need help with cat and oxygen sensor...

Hey everyone! Here is the primary problem, my catalytic converter is making a loud growling noise. My car's (92 300E) 0-60 is about 10 seconds, and it tops out at around 100mph. Now, in order to remedy the situation, I have decided to replace my cat $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. However, before I order a new one, id like to make sure replacing the cat will fix the problem. To, this end, I was thinking about bolting up some pipes instead of the cat into the exhuast system and seeing if this fixed my problem. This brings up the secondary (now more pressing) problem.

If I change out the cat for a while with some straight pipes, this will throw my o2 sensor for a loop. What are my options? Would my car run fine if I just leave it in? Would it run fine with the sensor removed? What on earth are dummy sensors and where can one be purchased? Thanks!
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