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Question Turn signals/Hazard stopped working

My turn signals and hazard lights stopped working this morning on my 1989 420 SEL (126 chassis). After searching the archives on this site, I'm now a little more confused, although I seem to believe that a relay is the problem. The fuses appear to be fine (there are separate fuses for the hazards and the turn signals which are linked with other items like the horn which still works). The wipers, radio, and lights work, too. Does this sound like a relay problem? If so, where can I find it on the car (and how hard is it to get to it), and how much will one run me? Is there one relay which controls both the hazards and the turn signals?

One other thing of note: yesterday I put in a new OEM battery. When it was installed, the aftermarket alarm/flashing lights went off a bunch, maybe blowing out the relay? Or is that just a coincidence?

Any help will greatly be appreciated!

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