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My '84190e has been stored away since Aug.
I recently put a trans on it and drove it for the first time this weekend. The oil, engine temp and everything checked out. I drove it on the highway for about two hundred miles on my way back to school. It was runnign great until I exited off on to a two land highway. It was dogging up hills and lost a considerable amount of power. I pulled into a gas station. The car was idling rough and was making a sharp metallic sounding pinging noise. The noise was intermiitent (not coinciding with the rpms)At this time it was not blowing smoke. I checked plugs, dist, and everything. Let it sit for a few minutes started it back up noticed noise was still there, checked air fiter it had oil dripping from it. Oil was tan and black (I guess an indication anti-freeze or water in it) at this time the car blew white smoke out of the exhaust when I increased the idle. In you best judgement is this major engine damage or lesser evil, blown ring or rings. Also my timing chain has been noisy lately. Is it possible chain may have jumped? Chain is not damages and car still starts, it just runs rough.
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