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Paul Geddings
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Just wanted someone to conferm that I do in fact have a bad air flow position sensor before I spend 700.00 dollars on the part. As described in the Mercedes Facory Manual, I have tested the resistance across the number one and number three terminals of the air flow position sensor and the resistance is within spec. 3.8 K ohm. But when I test the resistance across the number one terminal and the number two terminal while slowly deflecting the volume air flow sensor plate by hand the values do not increase continuously they start out at about 1.8 k ohms then they jump to about 10Kohms then drops back to about 6 K ohms then the values increase continuously up to about 11k ohms. The values continuously drop after 2/3 travel. The car hesitates while cold in addition at times the idle is high and the cold idle is irractic.

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