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Replaced my pad with brand new -- it really looks nice. Got mine for about $68.00 + $15.00 for the 3M adhesive. I didn't use adhesive remover, the old pad scraped off pretty good with a putty knife. Besides, any residue wil be covered by the new pad. Also, I don't think you need to get 100% coverage with the adhesive. That stuff sticks VERY well. I think somewhere it was mentioned that one has a little time to "adjust" pad position once placed. All I can say is that I had NO time for adjustment -- once placed that was IT. Luckily, I had accurately placed alignment markers (tape and pen will do) so that it was perfectly aligned the first time, then did the wallpaper trick and smoothed out the pad as I moved along. A helper would definitely be recommended, tho' I did it myself by placing a scaffold across my engine bay. I purchased pad + adhesive from www.************************.

Good Luck!

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