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Now that I have time to get caught up...

here is the picture I took shortly after the pulley bit the dust.

Not a whole lot left there, basically just the bracket. Today I had a little down time at work so I was shopping at FastLane, saw they had the pulley OR the pulley with bracket. Soon as I got home I just had to checkout how bad buggered the bracket was, hoping to save a couple dollars.

While checking out the assembly prior to pulling the bracket, I thought it looked like there was a allen bolt on the end of the shaft. Sure enough an 8mm allen hex fit in there just fine. A quick twist and the end bolt came out, allowing me to remove the inner piece of the pulley bearing.

That is great news, makes it easier to fix and saves me a C-note too boot. Just ordered a new pulley and should have A/C again in a couple days . I should have checked this out last week, the temps here are well over 100*F once again.
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