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Originally posted by elkadi

Thank you very much I will follow what you said and will post. This is a huge help...

It is labor day night...
.... I DID IT... Here is how,
To help visualize this imagine you are trying to free one inner pipe that is stuck to an outer one with about 1/8th of an inch of the inner pipe showing. I had to spray very generously all kinds of penetrant sprays. Then I broke the skin off my my fingers four or five times on the sharp edge of the inside edge of the core support while trying to pull on one end using pliers and finally learned and knew that this was not the way. I went and got a 3/8th tap and threaded the inner part of the rotor support but not all the way to the cam. that's about 1/4 of an inch threaded. Then I got a 3/8th hardened both with a wide washer and threaded into the rotor support and inserted a brakeline wrench over the washer and slowly tapped on the wrench which in turn drives the bolt. You can see that this actually pulls the part off from the inside towards the outside. after it came out about a 1/4 inch, I unthreaded the bolt out and fully rethreaded the full length of the rotor support, just to be sure that I have enough meat to grab on to. then rebolted the bolt and washer and repeated and when the thing came out and fell under the car it was a big thrill worth a celebration.
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