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Tire Problems on 1990 300E

I want to share same problems with my 1990 300E, I bought Michelin Pilot XGT and made a mistake of letting tire shop align my car. Later, the rear tire started making this rotation sound like the tire is out or round or chopped. I tooked the car to a Mercedez Benz dealer for alignment and was infromed that the tire should get straighten-out . The odd sound was gone but after couple of thousand miles it came back it only happens in the rear-left side even after rotating the tire it still make that sound when car starts to roll-up, low-speed and will be gone when I get faster. Anybody seen or heard this before, Iam just about to change the tires again, I want to know that this is not a mechanical problem from my rear. I also heard that there's not a lot of satisfied customer for the Michellin Pilots, can anybody make a tire recommendation? Heard that contininental Tires are better.
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