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questions, questions....

Thanks for the reply...
Q1: Are you saying that I don't need to get under the car to access the oil filter casister or that it's accessable from above and below?

Q2: I'm assuming its an oil filter canister because all I got when I asked for an oil filter for this car was the element itself. (2"ish dia X 4" ish long pleted paper element). What type of oil wrench are we talking about here? My past experience (heavy machinery) with oil canisters is a can with a nut on top or a bolt that goes all the way through to hold the canister in place.

I don't recall seeing the mechanic leaning over the fender to pull the filter but then again it was a couple of years ago when I used one of those Jiffy Lube type places where you can see the service person. The last 2 services were done at the MB dealership out of sight and I don't have a service book.

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