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Replacing those shocks

After fiddling around and checking everywhere, it appraeed to me that the sport shocks are best used with shorter springs, and the standard and HD shocks are best to use if you don't change the springs.

After doing all the shocks on my 300D (124 body) I wokd say that the fronts are easier to replace. You won't need a spring compressor, but you will need a regular jack, a bottle jack and a couple or four jackstands.

The fronts require removing four bolts, and the rears only two, but getting a stiff new HD into place and aligning it with the bolt holes was a pain in the butt. I wrote up the whole changing process, so you can find it in this forum with a search.

I replaced the two front shocks, the rubber bellows that goes around each one, and the rubber stops at the top of the front shocks. Mine were shot, and yours are too, probably. You won't want to take it apart to change them, might as well do it while you have the shocks off.

I used Bilstein HD's all around from Rusty Cullen in Atlanta. The car handles really great now.
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