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'86 300E bad BAD traction problem!

Help. '86 300E. Very, VERY bad traction problem. Car can get stuck on gravel, and wet feels like snow. Yesterday was my first day in real wet in the car since I bought it. Dry conditions show some bad handling but I thought it was bad suspension bushings -- mostly that rear steering problem I have read about with worn bushing. Right rear does most if not all the spinning. I know I need a pretty thorough suspension rebuild -- the rubber -- but -- what could cause this? Stuck Caliper on left rear? Stuck parking brake? I hope it is not the Diff? Could it be the Diff? Diff does not make any of the telltale noises one would expect if it was deteriorated enough to be causing power delivery problems. I can cruise on the highway pretty much just fine. With careful left foot braking I was able to control the thing. Is this perhpas all issues from the suspension?
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