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Greetings! I'm new here and judging from the posting I have been reading everyone seems quite helpfull. Glad I found this place!!!

Here is my question. I just got a 90 300CE-24 w/ 135,000 miles on it. Basically everything is original on it, never been wrecked or painted. It runs and looks like its brand new.

When cruising on the highway at 60 MPH, I am getting about 3000 RPM's. Is this normal or is it a bit high?

I have driven quite a few MB in the past and know that they all start off in 2nd gear unless you hit the kick down switch behind the gas pedal. I notice that my car will go to 1st when starting off when the accelerator is pressed 3/4 of the way down without even touching the kick down switch. Is this normal? Or is my vac control module getting hung up or needs adjusting.

I just had the car serviced and there wasn't anything unusual with the tranny fluid and there wasn't any metal shaving in the pan. The car hits all the shifts at the proper times, though they are very firm shifts.

Thanks in advance!

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