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Been sitting here thinking about this and I see it like this. Goodwill is a 2 way street. You buy the car from a frachised dealer, have some service done there (not all), use OEM parts when posible and be the original owner and maybe you deserve "goodwill" warrenty repair. Otherwise you bought it used, never darkened the dealers door unless you had a serious problem that required the "latest, greatest" test equipment and information and expect it to be fixed for free? I've been on both sides of the street and while I can empthasize I cant agree with your assesment of Benz's response.

Yes, the harness is a problem, however there are other products out there with more serious problems. 93 to 99 626 4cly trannys (costs about 3k to fix), v8 BMW's needing shortblocks, Caravans dropping trannys like flies, Dodge diesels with sticking throttles and tranny hoses blowing off under big loads and so on. Yeah, most of these are not in the same class as the benz but, you look at the costs of the repairs versus the value of the car and the percentages are actually higher. (which means on that economic level, it costs more to fix 'em)

Personally I'd get it fixed and grin when the 626 is sitting on the side side of the interstate, or cringe when the big dodge diesel is getting bigger and bigger in the rear veiw.

No slam guys, just food for thought on this "goodwill" issue. Afterall, 4/50 is where the warrenty stops. (btw, that control unit might be coverable under 7/70 IM)

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