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W124 winshield washer nozzles are electronically heated?

I noticed today that the washer nozzles on the hood have 3 wires coming out from each of them. 1 wire was cut off in my car and the 2 wires from both nozzles are connected to the black plastic which is on the driver side under the hood close to the windshield. The black plastic box is supplied by 12 volts but there is no power coming out of the connection to the nozzles.
My questions are:
1) Is this used for the heating of nozzles?
2) Is the power to the black plastic supplied all the time when the ignition is on?
3)Where does the 3rd coming out of the nozzles wire connect to?
4) Are nozzles heated by 12 volts, or does the plastic box act like a voltage reducer or like a fusebox?
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