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just ordered some new shoes

I had planned to go with some Yokos, but apparently the dbs are experiencing some problems, and I was persuaded to go with the re950s. Lots of great reviews, and my wife (she drives the 124) wants quiet and good rain characteristics. The Tirerack folks were very helpful.

Found out I had too tall a tire on the 400, thanks to the PO--who wasn't fond of anything resembling maintenance or car care! I have Akuret tires on there now, which as best I can tell, me and one other member here have (and maybe two on all the other lists I read). I am overhauling my tires and bearings to troubleshoot some noise. Can't say the Akuret is a bad tire, I'll let folks know if the tires were all the problem or just part.

Tirerack recommends the Michelin MXV$, but I can't see spend 120 per tire with well-rated tires like the b-stone at less than 2/3's that. Nice to know others like these.
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