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Thanks MBDoc, here are the pn-s I found...

Thanks MBDoc,

For everyones benefit (I hope) here are the numbers I found
by actually reading them off the parts in-situ:

1986 190E 2.3 - 16
pn. of intake assembly (with the flap and potentiometer on the
Bosch 0438 121 044

pn for potentiometer only (black plastic enclosure)
3 430 591 017

1986 190E 2.3 - 8 valve
pn. of intake assembly
Bosch 0438 121 010

pn for potentiometer only (black plastic enclosure)
3 430 591 031


MBDoc, how hard it is to calibrate this thing? Wouldn't it
just be a matter of measuring closed and open potentiometer
readings and adjusting the potentiometer position on the
side of the housing?

Is anyone out there doing this? It should be a common problem
with high-mileage cars, as these thnings wear out, so, I would
think there is a market (need) for this service. It sure would
beat the $600 for a new assembly...

Thanks to all for a great site!!!

Tony Ander
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