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Question rear door passenger side stuck open 560 SEL

Since I don't use that door much I had been unaware of any problem until two days ago when I noticed that it did not want to open all the way obviously something was hanging up inside the door . Today I open the door and it had the same problem only when I tried to close the door it has been put in a bind and will not budge so it is stuck open. my manual is the basic Chilton and has little or no information about door panels were body parts .

I'm on my way back out to the car now to the see if I can find a way to remove the panel and find what has put the door holder mechanism (the part that holds the door open) in a bind.

Any help such as a schematic or a brief description of this assembly would probably help me out a lot.

This is my third Mercedes 300 turbo diesel --450 SELand my current and my favorite the 560 SEL

check back later Thanks Miles Mulloy
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