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I need a few general mb om questions answered

I'm considering a diesel swap for my '93 ranger. I'm going in a pro-touring direction and want to continue. More emphasis on comfort, handling, braking then high power numbers is what pro-touring entails. I like the alternative fuels available to diesel owners, the mpg capabilities and the power potential. I'll throw longevity in there too. So, I'm considering the om603 but am confused as hell as to what's what.

From my reading there are three om603 variants, a 2.2l 4cyl, a 2.5l 5cyl and a 3.0l 6cyl? I also see a 3.5l 6cyl and swear somewhere I saw a 3.0l 5cyl although I can't find that again so I may just be wrong. These are aluminum headed and 2v per cylinder? I'd definitely be looking at a turbo variant.

The difference between the om603 and om606 is electronic engine control? I think I read the 606 4v head is a direct swap. Is this a common way to improve airflow? It seems like it would be.

I'm shooting for around 300hp with injector nozzles, ip pump, turbo, exhaust and ic. I think this will be about there. These engines are safe up to about 400hp and if you swap in the 606 rods they well do a little better, again this is what I read, please correct me if I'm wrong.

Lastly I'm looking for specific weight numbers on these engines as well as overall external dimensions. The measurements will determine how many cylinders I am forced to go with.

If these questions have been answered please just direct me to those threads but I didn't see any after a preliminary search. Also if you could post a link to the couple of companies that mod these ip pumps that would be great. I think there was one in Finland and one stateside?
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