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Unhappy Help! Am running out of things to try....

My 87 560 SL has had fuel injection problems from the day I bought it. First I wouldn't go through NJ inspection. $ 600+ later (and this wasn't a dealer), they put in a new EHA valve that appeared to solve the problem, but the car ran poorly. After making it a little richer with the mixture adjustment, it ran well, idled well, but got 10-12 MPG no matter how I drove. I found a good used fuel distributor which seemed to help throttle response, but the mileage is still poor. Plugs foul now and again. Car starts hard hot or cold. Mixture adjustment seems to have little effect. What's galling is that this car only has 106,00 miles on it. My 86 560 SEC has over 150,000 miles, literally starts in half a turn hot or cold, runs great, and gets 15-17 MPG.

As loathe as I am to randomly throw parts (and money) at the car, I am tired of playing with it, and just want to drive and enjoy it. Am I doomed to going to the dealer, hat and checkbook in hand? The independent mechanics around here don't seem to have the diagnostic equipment to find the problem.
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1986 560SEC: 150,000 miles, runs great, but I've got to sell it (too many cars for one man)
1987 560SL: 122,000 miles, used to run poorly, now (thanks to forum), runs great!
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1989 T-Bird Super Coupe: 150,000 miles, still runs great. Ford got it right.
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