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I use Dunlop Winter Sport M2, for one season so far. Excellent. I had trips to the mountains with plenty of snow and slush and ABS did not come on unless I tried to make it come on. I used same size as my summers, 205/60/15. The Dunnies only come one smaller, and that size does not have H rating. These tires did the absolute best in a German Car Mag's tests, Auto, Motor und Sport. Exceptional in snow, wet and dry. There may be better snows, but they all fell way off in wet and especially dry. The only better tire, rated by AM&S last year was the Dunnlop M3, which has very limited availability in the US and is very expensive. PS, TWO out of four of my Dunnies did not need weights to balance! (And this is not at some Ma and Pa tire shop.)
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