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G-tech'd my 400E tonight

For what its worth, just thought id post up my times...

92 400E (black on black, like you need to know that)

65 degrees. Just me in the car.

My average of my 5 runs is as follows...

1/4 = 14.68 sec. @ 101.4

0-60 = 6.35 sec.

One thing I also noted, as well as another 400E owner did, is that the car ran worse times with the ignition timing resister out. I put the resister back in, and my times were a little better, and the car just felt stronger out of the hole. I have ASR btw, but I had that little snow chain button on so it would be a little less intrustive.

The G tech was zeroed what I thought was perfectly. Are high 13's possible for this car? I never thought they were but after tonight I wonder. Ofcourse these could be optimistic times. Oh well. Just my 2 cents.

Im gonna regear her soon, and was just trying to get a base.
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