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Thanks for providing the picture ( I've gotta get a digital camera one of these days!). Unfortunately, it's not quite the same as mine. The vertical tab on mine is much closer to the end pivot hinge. To see it you have to remove the narrow aluminum trim retaining bar (held on with 5 screws) across the inside front of the sunroof opening.

On closer inspection, it looks like the whole hinge assembly is held into the body with a wide spring tab on top just inside the roof opening. It looks like you have to lift the tab with a screwdriver or something to release it. There doesn't seem to be any good place to lever against other than the hinge itself, though, and it doesn't just lift up easily. I'm a little bit leary of applying too much force just to find out later that there's a special tool or that I should've pushed instead of pulled.

Any other ideas?

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