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The only procedure there is involves:

Turn the key to the on position, observe the yellow light at the lower, right corner of the instrument panel. When the yellow light goes out, start the engine.

If this is not working there are several things you should check. On the firewall, directly behind the engine is a little black box. This is next to the throttle linkage connection at the firewall. Lift up the cover to this box. There is a metal strap that connects the two screws which are on either side of this box. This metal strap is a fuse. If the fuse is not solid all the way across, it is blown, replace it. If the fuse is in place take a volt reading at this point immediately after turning on the ignition key, not in start position, but in on position. If there is no voltage, the problem has to do with the relay system, which also includes the Thermotime switch in the engine next to the injection pump. If there is voltage, the problem is related to the glow plugs themselves. There should be roughly three volts across each plug. if there is not, there is probably one of them burned open(not likely) or one or more of them shorted to the head within its bore. This would be due to "crud" around it causing it to short against the head. If this is the case clean out the bore. DO NOT USE ANY SORT OF STEEL BRUSH TO REACH INTO THE BORE. A steel or brass brush can break off fibers which will find their way into the cylinders. Clean them with a popsicle stick as best you can. There is actually a special reamer available for this purpose, but it is expensive.

Hopefully your problem is that you are not waiting for the yellow light to go out before trying to start the car.

This is a glow plug engine, the glow plugs can ignite the starting fluid and blow everything to smitHerenes!!!!

Good Luck and let me know if you need any more help.

Larry Bible
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