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Im only guessing those times are correct. Honeslty, they seem a little fast for me. Like I said, Ive heard stories of Gtechs being slightly optomistic, quite a few actually. All I can say is it's zeroed in pretty good (for the g force measurement). And each run was pretty consistant. The 92 400E, although boasting the slightly lower HP (268 vs. 275) (same torque), is supposed to be "faster" than the others due to full throttle enrichment.

Thats what I was told, and only the 92 had that. The 92 was also the lightest. I have personally weighed my car on a local truck weigh station, and was slightly under 3700 with a half tank of gas. Perhaps someone can provide some insight on that full throttle enrichment? I believe it just bypass's the O2 sensors and puts performance before pollution under WOT?

The car feels fast. It really launches on cold nights. I too plan on doing the diff swap. Hopefully soon though .

I will say, however, that the car mags always seem to be quite conservative. Alot of the test's I see, are done in 80 degree + ambient temp ranges. That will kill the times on the 400, as you well know. When I drive this car on cool nights, I feel like im in a different car. Its amazing this car is so influenced by temp.

Maybe one of these friday night I will roll out to the drag strip and get some real times. That will solve any discrepancies in the Gtech. I do want to get some solid base numbers before I start to tinker.

I will post the numbers when I get them.

Dcraig, have you ever considered a chip? Ive been looking for one, but heard they really dont do that much. What do you think.


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