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ABS light coming up when I turn on the lights.

After about 2 seconds when I turn on the lights (parking lights or headlights) the ABS light comes up. The ABS light is going off as soon as I turn on the lights. Thinking it might be the droppage of voltage I checked the voltage at the battery. The voltmeter is reading 13.30 volts. I checked the OVP relay's outputs. There is 13.30 volts coming out of OVP outputs(87E,87l) when the ABS light is on.
I am suspecting the front passenger side parking light because there is no current coming to it. It might have shorted with some wire causing the ABS light to come up. I also remember my mechanic grounding the passenger side headlights because the grounding was bad and the headlights were glowing dim. However, this was 2 weeks ago and ABS light thing happened just yesterday.
Please somebody help me out with this. I apologize for asking the forum my stupid questions. There is something going wrong in my car.
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