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I plugged the line and poof. No difference. I didn't describe another symptom it's having. When I let off the gas around 40MPH (about 2000RPM) the engine will drop to 1000, then surge back up to 2000 a couple of times before settling down. The car sort of "lurches" forward slightly.

When I've stopped the car the last few times, I've smelled a pretty strong exhaust smell and odor from the converter. It has only really been doing this since the 02 sensor was replaced. The car doesn't have any problem revving or at high highway speeds which makes me think it is NOT the converter. I could be wrong on this like I have been on everything else with this problem. Would the converter cause a problem with low speed and not high speed? When it gets warm it IS more sluggish both at low and high speeds but still doesn't have any problem going once the revs build. The car passed the emissions inspection with flying colors just 500 miles ago.

Since I'm keeping this car, I'd REALLY like to discover the problem...especially before I get hit in traffic from it stalling. I appreciate any and all ideas.
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