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Question R/R w124 Head Gasket myself?

I worked in an Alfa shop for a couple of years in college and have always worked on my cars at home.

I recently changed the oil in my 1988 300e (170k). Unfortunatley it was by way of the coolant resivoir. Full of oil and coolant.

How difficult would it be to R/R the head gasket myself? What manuals do you recomend.

Also, the car runs fine, no overheating, no hard starts or any smoke out of the rear. The actual motor oil in the engine is crystal clear and the car has plenty of power. How could the coolant be so contaminated and the engine oil be unaffected. How long can I run the car like this?

Thanks I am a new member and this site has the most useful information I have ever found in one place.
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