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Did not hook up the vac adjusters but may consider it at another time. The adjustments aren't all that neccesary for me anyway and don't make that big a difference for me to take all of the dash crap out just to hook it up. I'm fine with adjusting them by hand if need be. I'm basically getting a lot of guys with 126's here asking me about my lights whenever we stop at a light exiting the highway. Well actually its some of the same cars I see daily and I guess we can tell that we check each others cars out when we do end up driving to and from work at the same time.:p

Anyway, I think I've figured out a way to get my city lights to blink. I had an idea that since I have those windsheild wiper washer fluid dispenser thingies that are on the hood with faint blue lights and they blink along with the side markers (because I have both the power AND ground hooked up to 2 pins whereas just the power wire is hooked to 1 pin with my city lights). I'll just tap into the ground wire lead for the city lights and run it to the same pin at the signal marker as my washer dispenser and this should create the same effect (I hope)

Will update you guys whenever I do get a chance to actually do it...
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