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Actually had an interesting discussion over on the dieselplace board (we have a 97 6.5L Diesel Suburban also). One thing that always gets lost is the millions of acres of farmland the government takes "off the map" thru CRP payments, etc. Folks tend to make the argument that if you switch to veg oil based fuel it'll make food prices skyrocket. My take is that if the government would release these millions of acres under CRP to farm for alternative fuels that argument is moot. One idea I had was a soy "leasing program" where soy is farmed, "leased" to restaurants, but collected and used as fuel, feed, whatever. More than one use out of the product.

The end result I think is to get government out of the business of picking winners and losers and eventually you'll have a bunch of different alternatives to choose from, all of which are viable and embraced based on market choices. But that'll never happen so who am I kidding!
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