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Craig, I agree with you for the most part except your reference about the lunatic fringe. I consider myself pretty normal actually. I could easily afford to drive something better and roll up to the pump like everyone else but I'm doing it out of a different sense. There are a lot of reasons I choose to do this, nearly all of which taken individually or in total would be viewed by most with an open mind as altruistic, responsible and well kinda cool (it is a great conversation piece).

To be sure there are lunatics in the WVO area, just as there are in HHO, WMO, etc. all the way to Apocalypse, PA. I submit there are lunatics everywhere. Heck, even ones who drive diesels and are just as passionate about pump diesel.

Seems like anytime this topic is brought up, people who make or run on biodiesel/WVO are either wacked out tree huggers (to wit post #32) or government conspiracy folks intent on breaking the law (See the various Forced Induction posts) to just stupid morons who are ruining their cars out of their sheer ignorance (kinda implied by your post #19)

People are funny. Things either are or they are not. Like all discussions on the use of biofuels, they all end up where we are now. Endless feedback loop. Sad really. But it is the human condition afterall.
I was mostly just being a wise-ass, I've used commercial BD in my car on occasion. I do have a problem with folks using any un-taxed fuel on the road unless their law specifically allows it, and I'm not sure I would trust BD made from WO without some type of commercial grade quality control. I do think the US needs a serious effort to develop cost-competative biofuels, and I don't think that will happen until the cost of petro-fuel gets significantly higher. My SWAG is that within 10 years the cost of petro-fuel will be over $6/gal and we will all be buying a blend of petro-fuel and bio-fuel at the pump.
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