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Originally Posted by BodhiBenz1987 View Post
Rats, then I should have ordered a strainer while I was at the dealer today ... sure they would have had to order it but woulda had it by Saturday. Maybe if I call them tomorrow morning, they can get it for me. Would I just need the strainer and hose? I'm sure they have the hose on hand there.
On the diesel, I would be sorely tempted to just remove your existing strainer screen entirely. I've heard of other people having it clog up and then need to pull it for cleaning. With it gone, the crud would collect at the plastic pre-filter near the IP where it's far easier to clean. All you'd need to get is a new O-ring for your existing strainer.

The hoses are not plain/bulk hose, one has a metal fitting, the other is formed:

116-470-14-75 - Fuel supply hose
124-476-03-26 - Fuel return hose
124-470-01-06 - Fuel tank strainer (comes with new O-ring)
110-997-01-45 - O-ring for strainer (if you remove the screen on your existing one)

I changed a couple of the other rubber items as well while I was down there. Inspect the condition of everything before you place the order...

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