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Higher Milage 420SEL Purchase Q's

Hello All,

I have located and seen an absolutely *MINT* condition black 87 420 SEL that I am considering to purchase. I have not driven the car yet, but it has a New MB Transmission, and a New engine Top end. The owner was fanatical about maintence, and it shows! The thing is.. that the car as a whole has 220k miles on it. (Though it really looks like it has 20k on it!) my question is.. longevity-wise, how does the botton-end of the engine stack up in the 420SEL? If it has a new Top end, and a new Transmission; is having 220k on the bottom end of the engine a bad thing? I am going to give it a better look this weekend and drive it.. .. any opinions?

Thanks all guys, you're great!,

(Former 81 240d owner)
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